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Below are puzzles I've completed.
(click on the image to see it larger)

On deck.
"Math" #2 next.
This is a different image then Math completed in April.
Stopwatches completed.

6/2/2024 - 7/1/2024
This puzzle took less than 1 month to complete.

4/16/2024 - 5/18/2024
A school blackboard
with math formulas.

5/18/2024 - 5/31/2024
Circular puzzle of Pi.
The puzzle consists of the first 2,319 digits of Pi spiraling out. There are more than 105 trillion digits known.

2/11/2023 - 3/4/2023
New York Times
front page of original printing of
The Titanic Sinking. I bought this puzzle on eBay. It was published in 1967. The pieces are not the normal interlocking style.

3/11/2023 - 4/15/2024
This pizzle took more than 1 year to complete. Although I didn't work on it for almost 12 months. It was challenging at times but enjoyable.

I did not complete the million dollar bar code puzzle. The pieces fit together even if they were wrong. It was not difficult but frustrating.
You did not have to complete the puzzle to determine if you're a winner. Obviously I wasn't.

12/19/2022 - 12/25/2022
US History jigsaw puzzle.

A change from the norm.
My new fish tank. No water, no fish, no mess.
100% Lego!


11/10/2022 - 11/13/2022
Celestial Chart
This puzzle was given to me by my daughter Kimberly for my 64th birthday. It was not too difficult and enjoyable to complete.
This is a 1000 piece puzzle made by

11/19/22 - 12/18/2022
The floor plan of The Shining hotel.

6/26/2020 - 7/12/2020
Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man
This is a 1000 pc. Eurographics puzzle. Purchased from seriouspuzzles.com # 6000-5098 for $20.95

7/18/2020 - 11/9/2022
VJ Day Kiss in Times Square
Yes, this puzzle took more than 2 years to complete. Due to only gray colors and a slightly blurred image it was very difficult. And the fact that I didn't work on it for more than a year of that time. And after all that time it was missing one piece.

5/6/2020 - 6/7/2020
This is a puzzle of old style playing cards.
It started out difficult but easier as I went along.
This is a Piatnik puzzle # 5437.
Dimensions: 26.5"x17.5"
This puzzle was in the difficult category and purchased this puzzle from seriuspuzzles.com for $22.95

6/8/2020 - 6/19/2020
This is the US Flag with each states' name in the stars and stripes.  Called Fifty States & One Flag. This is an Educa puzzle # edu17378.
This puzzle was of normal difficulty and purchased this puzzle from seriuspuzzles.com for $24.95

        79            80
4/25/2020                         4/26/2020
These 2 puzzles were given to me as a Cristmas gift from Rhonda's sister Julie.
The left is from a picture from my 60th birthday party and the right is from Disney World 2019.
Each puzzle took a few hours to complete.

12/15/19 - 4/11/20
The Lines.
Black lines of varying thicknesses and lengths on a white background.
This was one of the most difficult puzzles I've completed.
This is a Bgraamiens Puzzle.
1000 piece, 24" x 24"

4/17/2020 - 4/23/2020
Famous Scientists
 1000 pieces 19.25" x 26.625"
A Eurographics puzzle.
This puzzle was relatively easy and quick to complete. Most puzzles with words are less difficult to complete.

9/9/19 - 9/24/19
A Recipe For Murder.
A mystery jigsaw puzzle by Bepuzzled Classics. The puzzle came with a short story of a murder. Completing the puzzle, no picture provided, offer more clues. The murder solution was included in the booklet written in mirror image.
1000 pieces, 19"x26"
10/4/19 - 11/12/19
Musical Notes.
A puzzle of the notes taken from Bethoven String Quartett No. 15, op. 132
This was difficult at first until I developed at strategy for piece identification.
1000 pieces, 18.8"x26.7"

6/23/19 - 7/12/19
American Gothic
This is a www.eurographics.com puzzle of the 1930 painting by Grant Wood.
1000 pieces, 19.25" x 26.625"
Learn about the painting at Wikipedia

7/22/19 - 8/23/19
Pink Floyd Album Covers
An Aquarius brand puzzle of the backs of naked women painted with Pink Floyd album cover art.
1000 pieces, 20"x27"

4/21/19 - 5/3/19
A www.eurographicspuzzles.com puzzle.
1000 pieces, 19.25" x 26.625"
Walk on the Moon Neil Armstrong's
photograph of  Buzz Aldrin on the moon.
6/8/19 - 6/22/19
The Emoji Puzzle by www.eurographics.com.
1000 pieces, 19.25" x 26.625"

This is a 3D jigsaw puzzlw. It was given to me for Christmas 2018 from Nick's friend Taylor.
It wasn't too difficult to complete.
It is a Ravensburger 3D puzzle 12 577 7.
It's 15.2" tall by about 4" in diameter.

11/28/18 - 4/14/19
Krypt Gold 15 152 3 by Ravensburger.
This puzzle is 100% gold.
631 pieces, 20"x27".
 It is the mate to puzzle number 52 which is 100% silver.

9/23/18 - 10/23/18
The Atom
This is another Eurograhics puzzle.
1000 pieces, 19.25" x 26.625"
10/25/18 - 11/04/18
Collage of Pencils

8/31/18 - 9/8/18
Niagara Falls
This is the glow in the dark view.
It's very difficult to image something glowing in the dark.
9/14/18 - 9/17/18     
Blazing With Color
A Panley Paper Product Co. Puzzle
1000 pieces, 675mm in diameter. That's about 26.5 inches.

8/31/18 - 9/8/18
Niagara Falls
1000 pieces, 50 cm x 75 cm
This puzzle glows in the dark.
12/24/2013 - 1/17/2014
The Signing of
The Declaration of Independence. Original painting by John TYrumbull
A Pomegranate Artpiece puzzle of 1000 pieces,
 20" x 29".

8/23/18 - 8/30/18
The Grand Tour
This puzzle was given to me for a 60th birthday present by Rhonda's sister Julie.
It is a depiction of the alignment of the 4 outer planets.
1000 pieces, 19.25" x 26.625"
New York Puzzle Co.
Fenway Park Boston, MA.
Need I say more?
100 pieces
2/1/11 - 2/2/11
Periodic Table of the Elements, by Dimitri I Mendeleev 1869
This was very easy to complete.  Kim helped by sorting the pieces by color.
1000 pieces 19.25" x 26.625"
A Eurographics puzzle.
2/10/11 - 2/15/11
Famous Inventors
1000 pieces 19.25" x 26.625"
A Eurographics puzzle.
9/30/09 - 4/22/10
I decided not to finish this puzzle. 
The remaining area was essentially all black and I have another puzzle I want to work on.
Maybe it will be completed at a later date.
4/26/10 - 2/1/11
Relativity, 1953 by M.C. Escher
1000 pieces, 25"x25"
A Pomegranate Artpiece Puzzle.
9/12/09 - 9/13/09
Las Vegas, Nevada
from Panoramic Puzzles
765 pieces, 38.25" x 11.25"
Picture caption:  This panoramic photograph of Las Vegas was taken from Mandalay Bay by Christopher Gjevre. It features a view looking north on Las Vegas Boulevard, more commonly known as the “Las Vegas Strip.” Featured on the left are the black, pyramid-shaped Luxor Hotel and Casino, Excalibur and New York, New York. Rhonda & Kim helped complete this puzzle.
9/15/09 - 9/16/09
Carl "Yaz" Yastrzemski
Painting by Ted Watts 1983
Puzzle from TCMA Ltd. 
Boston Red Sox Great !
Kim and I did this in less than 24 hrs.
2/1/06 - 2/11/06
Rand McNally road map of
  Rhode Island Connecticut Massachusetts Road Map
#7215 by Gameophiles Unlimited Inc.
500 pieces. Completed dimensions are 16" x 20
9/6/09 - 9/8/09
Portrait Of The Planets
from Sky & Telescope Magazine
500 pieces, 18" x 24"
This is the 2nd or 3rd puzzle of the stars and planets I've completed. 
Each one is unique. Rhonda & Kim helped complete this puzzle.
10/10/05 - 10/12/05    
This puzzle came from England.  It only took 2 days to complete.  Kim helped a lot.

10/14/05 - 1/28/06
Krypt #15 964 2 by Ravensburger - this puzzle is 100% silver. 
It spirals from the center out and then is squared off at the sides.
654 pieces, 20"x27
9/15/05 - 10/4/05
This puzzle is titled "Parade of Thoroughbreds"
Kimberly helped complete most of this puzzle. We are going to
frame it for her room.
10/8/05 - 10/9/05
This puzzle has no title.  I call it "Colorful Bobbins".  
Rhonda and I completed this in less than 2 days.
I did this puzzle to frame for my friend Jo-Ann as a Christmas gift.
8/13/05 - 8/20/05    Scuola di Atene "Stanza della Segnatura"
School Of Athens
by Raphael Sanzio, Vatican City, Rome, Italy, c. 1510
This puzzle was given to me by my sister Lori.  She got it in Italy.
Click on the link to visit a website with more information about the painting.
9/3/05 - 9/5/05     
This is a puzzle is titled Astronauts of Apollo 11.  "First Men On The Moon"
This only took a few days to complete.
7/31/05 - 8/4/05
This puzzle is a Colonial Flag by Warren Kimble.  Kimberly completed the edges for me.
We had to do the edges twice.  It dropped moving it from the living room to the puzzle room.
Melissa gave it to me for Christmas 2004.
8/5/05 - 8/13/05    
This puzzle is commemorating the Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series victory. 
I started this the day before we went on vacation to San Francisco,
and completed it after we returned.

This puzzle took about 2 hours to complete.  Kimberly helped.
7/24/05 - 7/29/05    
Monopoly Board. This puzzle consisted of 625 pieces and was very easy to complete. 
It was quite obvious where most of the pieces went.  This is the 3rd Monopoly Board puzzle I bought and completed.  The first 2 each had a different piece missing.
 I bought them on E-bay and there was no guarantee all the pieces were there.
4/2/04 - 5/7/04     
Springbok 1979
Planet Earth as seen from Apollo 17
Photo was taken by Astronaut Ronald E. Evans
Visible is the Mediterranean Sea south to the Antarctica south polar cap.
5/21/04 - 7/24/05    
This puzzle is titled Lobster Feast.
It took a very long time to complete, mostly because I didn't work on it for almost a year.
I did this one to give to my sister Lori.  She has an annual Lobster party and thought she'd
like to display it at each party.
   drawhand.jpg (44942 bytes)39
9/5/03 - 2/2/04
This puzzle is titled Mani Dhe Disegnano - Drawing Hands by M.C. Escher
It was 1,000 pieces and was very challenging to complete.  It took about 20 hours over 7 months.
I have another puzzle by M. C. Escher to complete. Many of his drawings have been made into puzzles.
   3flagpuz.jpg (52506 bytes)40
3/3/04 - 3/13/04
I had this puzzle made from a scanned photo of Jasper John's  - Three Flags
I have been wanting a puzzle of this art work for many years.
It took 5 hrs 10 min to complete and was 550 pieces.
flagspuz.jpg (24866 bytes) 36
This puzzle is titled American Flags.  It was 1,000 pieces and is 24" x 30".
Kimberly did almost all the flag descriptions along the bottom.  This is the first puzzle I timed.  It took a little over 12 hours over 2 months.
37 pretzpuz.jpg (32415 bytes)    popcorn.jpg (30453 bytes) 38
7/19/03                              7/21/03
Pretzels                            Popcorn
These are each 80 pieces  Kimberly and I did them together.
These most likely will not get framed, nor eaten.
presdnts.jpg (48522 bytes) 34
Melissa gave me this puzzle for Easter.  It was fun and easy to complete.
solrsyst.jpg (74721 bytes)  35
This is a puzzle of The Solar System.  
Rhonda helped me start this and do almost half of it.  Kim helped me complete it. 
It only took 3 days.  It is 1,000 pieces and was fun and easy to complete.
shuttle.jpg (42393 bytes)  32
2/17/03 - 2/22/03
I placed a bid for this puzzle on Ebay the day after Columbia exploded. It was listed before the accident. 
I wasn't even searching for Columbia.  I also have a poster of the same picture that I've had since 1980.
dclrtion.jpg (145595 bytes) 33

The Declaration of Independence.
I've looked a long time for this one.
Rhonda and I did this one is less than a few hours.
barbie.jpg (31142 bytes) 30
 2/3/03 - 2/9/03
This puzzle is titled Barbie and was given to Kimberly for Christmas.
lincoln.jpg (38374 bytes)  31
 2/9/03 - 2/17/03
 There's no mistaking who this is.
I framed this and gave it to Melissa for her kindergarten class.  I think the teacher displays it each February.
usamap.jpg (56091 bytes)28
 12/21/02 - 12/22/02
This puzzle was very easy to do. Rhonda, Nick, and Kim helped.
starspuz.jpg (66664 bytes)29
 12/27/02 - 1/1/03
Map of The Universe with Zodiac.
Springbok/Hallmark Cards 1983
Tomas Filsinger
 PZL3610 20.25" x 20.25" 
This puzzle was enjoyable.
hardays1.jpg (36451 bytes)   hardays2.jpg (37567 bytes)27
 12/20/02 - 12/21/02
This is a 2-sided puzzle of The Beatles' A Hard Days Night album.
Melissa helped do this one.  We framed it and gave it to Rhonda's father for Christmas.
monkey.jpg (92471 bytes)25
Kim and I did this for Nick.  
I framed it for his room.
baseball.jpg (22424 bytes)26
Kim did this one and I helped. It's framed and hanging in Kim's bedroom.
pmaxlibt.jpg (46528 bytes) 23
 11/23/02 - 11/24/02
Puzzle of Peter Max's Liberty Head.  
This compliments the Peter Max Flag With Heart puzzle.
menmoonpuz.jpg (55925 bytes) 24
 11/26/02 - 12/01/02
This is a puzzle of the New York Times cover of the 1969 Moon Landing. 
This puzzle was a little difficult to complete.
All the pieces were very similar in shape and the border pieces were interchangeable. 
I really think some are in the incorrect places but it doesn't matter.
usabball.jpg (168606 bytes) 21
 11/3/02 - 11/5/02
This puzzle is titled "Baseball Stadiums" It is the USA map with baseball stadiums positioned on it.
There is also a history of each stadium. This puzzle was fun to do. 
Kim helped a lot on this one too.
moneypuz.jpg (44983 bytes) 22
 11/12/02 - 11/23/02
Old US Currency.
  liberty.jpg (158336 bytes)  20
 10/27/02 - 10/29/02

This puzzle, titled "Let Freedom Ring" was given to me by my friend Rhonda's daughter Melissa for my birthday. It took about 3 days to complete. 
Kimberly helped a lot on this one. She's getting good at doing them.
 5/17/02 - 10/26/02        
This puzzle was given to me by my friend Rhonda. 
It took over 5 months to complete. 
It is a mosaic to form the US Flag
wickford.jpg (21474 bytes) 19
 10/26/02 - 10/26/02
This puzzle is of Wickford, RI harbor. I got this puzzle from Canvasworks in Wickford.
This puzzle took about 2 hours to complete.
horsepuz.jpg (54559 bytes) 16
 4/27/02 - 5/8/02
"Moonlight Unicorn"
As you can see, this puzzle was completed more quickly than the previous.
souppuz.jpg (34970 bytes) 17
 5/11/02 - 5/12/02
Andy Warhol's - "Campbell's Soup"
This puzzle took less than 2 days to complete.  It was very enjoyable and easy.
lnclnpuz.jpg (30209 bytes)14
 2/26/01 - 3/26/01        
Titled "Lincoln Goes To Washington"
This puzzle also was enjoyable to do.
chesspuz.jpg (30988 bytes)15
 4/1/01 - 4/7/02       
Folded Chess Set"
This puzzle took a very long time to complete.  
Not because it was difficult, but because I didn't work on it often.
wizrdpuz.jpg (28954 bytes)12
9/13/2000 - 12/17/2000      
This one should be recognizable.
dinnrpuz.jpg (22168 bytes) 13
  2/10/01- 2/21/01           
Titled  "You're Invited"
This puzzle was enjoyable to do.
  It didn't take long at all.
mosaicpz.jpg (31503 bytes)
 I started a this mosaic puzzle of the US Flag but twice it fell off the top of my car.  That's right.  Twice.  You see, I do puzzles on a large sheet of cardboard on an octagon bumper pool table and wanted to use the pool table so I moved the puzzle to the top of the car in the garage.  Well, of course I drove out of the garage with the puzzle on top and it went all over the street.  My kids picked up the pieces and we put the puzzle back on the car because we were still using the pool table. And, you guessed it, I did it again.   It was a very difficult puzzle anyway.  Needless to say I never finished it.  I'm certain we didn't find all the pieces.
hexpuzzl.jpg (34730 bytes) 10
 1/1/2000 - 1/23/2000
The Aztec Cosmos
This puzzle was a Christmas gift from my friend Chris.
At first it was very difficult, but got easy as I worked on it.
petrmax1.jpg (117738 bytes)  11
 1/23/2000 - 2/10/2000
Puzzle of Peter Max's Heart And Flag
I worked on this puzzle often.  It was enjoyable to put together.
goldpuz1.jpg (12355 bytes)8
10/23/99 - 11/21/99
This is a gold metallic puzzle of the "Old World"
This was about normal difficulty to put together.
cardpuz1.jpg (15464 bytes)9
11/23/99 - 1/1/2000
A puzzle of playing cards.  
The edges of this puzzle was just as you see it.
This is titled.. "Wooden You Like A Ride"
by Charles Wysocki

starry.jpg (30606 bytes)
I think you recognize this one !
Picture of the Completed Puzzle
Above The Canyon of a painting by Ted Xaras
Picture from Puzzle Web Site
The web site colors are not as they are in the real puzzle.
White Cat With White Flower
A Kodacolor Puzzle
Kimberly did this puzzle.
This is the view of The Earth From Space. It took only 3 days to complete.
Not because it was easy, but because it was interesting and fun to do.
We bought this puzzle at the Heritage Map Museum in Letitz, PA.

This was a fun puzzle to put together.
Completion date unknown.

This puzzle is called "Patriots Day" of a painting by Charles Wysocki
This puzzle was 1000 pieces and took about 2 months to complete...that's because we didn't work on it much for a long time.  But it probably took about 1 week to complete.